Glendale Fire Department

New Disclosure Requirements for Properties in the City’s High Fire Hazard Area

There are new disclosure requirements for properties in the City’s high fire hazard area that take effect on July 1st, 2021. Sellers of property in the high fire hazard area must provide the following documentation to a buyer: 1. provide a disclosure notice to the buyer, if the home was constructed before January 1, 2010, that includes the following statement: “This home is located in a high or very high fire hazard severity zone and this home was built before the implementation of the Wildfire Urban Interface building codes which help to fire harden a home. To better protect your home from wildfire, you might need to consider improvements. Information on fire hardening, including current building standards and information on minimum annual vegetation management standards to protect homes from wildfires, can be obtained on the internet website” 2. provide to the buyer documentation stating that the property is...

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Glendale Housing Authority

New Glendale Landlord Incentive Programs

New landlord incentive programs for Section 8 tenancies being offered by the Glendale Housing Authority, for units in Glendale. Due to the nationwide pandemic, the GHA was awarded supplemental administrative funding under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act White the GHA contemplated several options to utilize these funds, it decided to dedicate a large portion of the funding to benefit you, our valued Glendale rental property owners, as we recognize that the pandemic has had a huge impact on you as well. In an effort to retain and/or increase your participation in the Section 8 program, and offer more choices to our tenants, especially during the current pandemic, we are happy to introduce four new incentive programs to you: 1) $2,000 Bonus: Welcome To The Program, 2) $1,500 Bonus: Welcome Back To The Program, 3) $1,000 Bonus: Loyalty Program, and 4) Up to $500 Bonus: Inspection...

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Glendale Chief of Police

Glendale Chief Of Police – OCT 14

GAOR is proud to have Glendale’s Chief of Police at our October 14 Town Hall meeting. Chief Carl Povilaitis will address community safety, real estate safety, or any other topics or concerns you have and need addressing. Please do not miss this Town Hall meeting.  Show up to show our Police Chief our support. Learn More About Our Glendale Police Department...

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