How To Pay Dues

To summarize there are four methods for paying MLS Dues.

  1. BEFORE The Deadline
  2. AFTER The Deadline
  3. IN-PERSON at the GAOR Office:

Before we detail how to pay, in summary, here is a breakdown of monies that are collected by the association and how they are processed:

  • Quarterly MLS fees give you access to i-Tech MLS. They can be paid using any of the four methods mentioned above, which are outlined in detail below. You are encouraged to take advantage of the auto-pay option for quarterly MLS dues so that you don’t miss a deadline.
  • Annual Membership Dues are different than MLS fees.  They are assessed once annually and cover NAR, CAR, and GAOR membership dues that give you access to C.A.R. zipForms, NAR Certification, and GAOR events and training. Your annual dues bill includes voluntary contributions to the REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF) and the Housing Affordability Fund (HAF).  Auto-pay is not available for annual dues and must be paid by the member using any of the first three methods mentioned above.
  • REALTOR® Action Fund:  These are NOT FEES. They are voluntary contributions that you can make at the time you pay your annual dues. Learn more about the importance of what these RAF donations do to protect you and strengthen your association.


MLS fees can easily be paid online BEFORE the close of business, 5 PM on the Due Date:  Here is a link to your Online Profile Page where you can pay fees and sign up for classes.  If you miss the opportunity to pay in advance, access to your online profile is suspended and the opportunity to pay online will be closed.

Pay Invoices Online


If you missed paying your dues on time, you lose access to the MLS portal -- iTech.  To regain access to the MLS, you must sign and return a one-time-use Credit Card Authorization Form.  An Online PDF Form that can be filled out electronically, digitally signed, and returned via Email or Fax.  NOTE:  We do not keep this credit card information on file. 

Providing your credit card information using the Credit Card Authorization Form DOES NOT AUTHORIZE the association to charge your credit card on a quarterly basis.  You must fill out our Auto-Pay Form below to authorize us to retain your credit card information on file.

Instructions for returning are specified at the bottom of the form.  When completing this form after the deadline, a $35 late fee applies and must be added.  Learn how to avoid late fees.

1. IMPORTANT: Download PDF First 2.  Fill Out Form and Save  3.  Send to


Currently, walk-ins are NOT AVAILABLE during this time of COVID.  However, checks can be dropped off through our front door mail slot at 124 S. Isabel Street, Glendale.  Please email the association stating that you dropped off a check.  Late fees apply after the deadline date/time.


MLS Fees can be automatically charged to your credit card on a quarterly basis when invoices are sent.  You must complete and sign our auto-pay form.  With this signed form we will keep your credit card on file until you ask that it be removed.

  • Auto-pay is ONLY applied for quarterly MLS fees.
  • Auto-pay is NOT applicable for Annual Membership Dues.
  • Auto-pay can be used in lieu of a Credit Card Authorization Form to pay late fees.

If you have any questions, please contact the GAOR office at

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