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Local, state, and federal governments are actively involved in your real estate business and in every transaction – starting with the minute you get your real estate license. Every aspect of your business, starting from where you put your signs to how many inspections to do and how to file your taxes, is impacted by government actions every day.

At GAOR, advocacy is an important part of the member benefits we offer. Sometimes government action is helpful and promotes homeownership, while other times unfortunately governments get in the way through onerous restrictions, taxes, and fees.

GAOR Government Affairs Director

Your Glendale Associate of REALTORS® Government Affairs Director is hard at work keeping Glendale REALTORS® apprised of all the local, state, and federal laws that affect our industry, your profession, and our client’s desire to be homeowners!

Stay involved and help keep the Glendale Associate of REALTORS® ahead of the curve on issues that affect our collective livelihoods and neighborhoods!

Know Your Representatives

Stay Informed Stay Involved


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