No Moratorium for the City of Glendale

No Moratorium

Tuesday the 28th of November, the Glendale City Council will consider a proposed moratorium on evictions due to substantial renovations. This is a cause of great concern and not just because of bad timing with the substantial lack of housing inventory for both rental and for-sale units, but because it may impose the moratorium on duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and single-family homes – if your client owns more than one and is renting them out.

We need your help!

Send An Email:

Click here or the red button below to send an email to our City Councilmembers opposing the moratorium!  If the button does not work for you, we have included the recipients’ emails and the draft letter below.  

Show Up Tomorrow 

Attend the City Council meeting, Tuesday, November 28 starting at 6:00 p.m.  Step up to the microphone and ask the Council not to proceed with this onerous proposal. Read the proposal for yourself on Council Agenda Item 8b.

Can’t make it?

Call the City Council during the meeting at (818) 937-8100.  Let’s get their phone bank lit up with our concern.  

Why this Moratorium Will Not Work

The proposed moratorium on evictions due to substantial renovations risks unintended backlash from the market, prospective tenants, and housing providers. It risks leading to continued substandard housing conditions – the very conditions that the City seeks to improve – and also may lead to the risk of rental housing units coming off the market entirely.

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