GAOR Webinar Panel at Legislative Day

Thanks To Our Panelist For Representing Our Association to Our State Legislators

We thank the 52 members who showed up for GAOR’s first webinar. Your show of support for our distinguished panel who presented our concerns to Assm. Laura Friedman on Legislative Day was a BIG SUCCESS.

Our GAOR representatives drove home two important issues, which C.A.R. supports, in regard to housing:

Greg Astorian

Greg Astorian, GAOR Government Affairs Director

Panel Facilitator

Eddie Minassian

Eddie Manisian

SB6:  State Senate Bill

An act to amend Section 65913.4 of, and to add and repeal Section 65852.23 of, the Government Code, relating to land use.

Senate Bill 6 enacts, until January 1, 2029, the “Neighborhood Homes Act,” which establishes a housing development project as an allowable use on a “neighborhood lot,” which is defined as a parcel within a commercial zone where office and retail uses are permitted, so long as the parcel is not adjacent to an industrial use.

Here is the California Government Posting

Antoinette Stahl

Antoinette Stahl

ACA7: Assembly Constitutional Amendment

A resolution to propose to the people of the State of California an amendment to the Constitution of the State, by amending Section 7 of, and adding Section 5.5 to, Article XI thereof, relating to local government.

C.A.R. is OPPOSING ACA 7 (Muratsuchi), which seeks to amend the California State Constitution to permit local preemption of state law as it relates to land use planning and zoning. C.A.R. opposes ACA 7 because it will make it more difficult to build housing at a time when housing is desperately needed.

Here is the California Goverment Posting.

Although this session could not be recorded for playback, there are many other key note addresses recorded here.

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