Glendale Police Real Estate Agent Crime Prevention Tips

Information presented to the GAOR members by Chief Carl Povilaitis.

  • Avoid meeting strangers/unqualified buyers alone at any property – have a preliminary meeting in an office
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or carrying large amounts of cash
  • Tell office/family members which property you are showing, who you are meeting with, and when you expect to return
  • Trust your instincts
  • Have office or family member call you at a pre-arranged time
  • Call office/family member when you arrive at a property to show and when you leave
  • Give the make/model/color/plate # of your vehicle to your office/family member(s)
  • Try not to host alone
  • Carry pepper spray/high decibel battery-powered alarm
  • Remove valuable items (jewelry, guns, coin collections, etc)
  • Don’t leave your purse or laptop unattended
  • Check all rooms to ensure there are no stragglers, and lock all doors upon leaving

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