GAOR Public Forum NO ON 15

GAOR Hosted Forum For ‘NO ON PROP 15’

Bring your buyers and sellers! 

Bring colleagues and friends!

Bring your questions!

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23rd @ 9:30 a.m.

Be clear and communicate with urgency on how Proposition 15 is not a solution. Learn why this proposition is not good for our communities and local small businesses.

Hear from and direct any questions you have to Robb Korinke, a leading expert on the NO ON 15 campaign.

Robb Korinke

Robb Korinke leads GrassrootsLab’s client activities in Southern California and specializes in state and local government, open data and transparency issues, digital communications, and community engagement. He served 4 years as the Executive Director of the Los Angeles League of Cities and has worked with local governments on key policy issues going back to 2004. He is also the Publishing Editor of,, and

The NO ON 15 Campaign website is a great resource for learning about the issue. There are many published articles tracked on the NO ON 15 Campaign website worth reading. Learn how controversial tax measures will create winners and losers, exacerbate regional inequality, and raise property tax rates on rural homeowners.

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