iPad Donation - City of Glendale Commendation - Steven Small - 2020 President

GAOR Honored With City Of Glendale Mayor’s Commendation

We recognize that times are tough for everyone during the COVID-19 public health crisis. Eldercare facilities have been the most vulnerable.  GAOR President Steven Small worked closely with the Glendale City Council, and in particular Councilmember Paula Devine to identify the Glendale Post Acute Center as a facility in need of assistance.

We learned that patients at this facility were experiencing great difficulties with managing their own physical conditions and trying to keep in touch with loved ones and members of their communities.  Some members of the board came together to suggest that the association donate 50 iPads to the Glendale Post Acute Center.

Our Board of Directors was happy to approve the donation.

Steven Small, GAOR 2020 President was invited by Councilmember Devine to address the Glendale City Council, Mayor Vrej Agajanian, and the city at large in regard to this immediate need for eldercare facilities.  You can see GAOR’s President’s appeal to the Council here.


The donation will be delivered later this month for the facility’s patients and staff to safely and comfortably stay in touch with family. We are grateful that as REALTORS®, we can give back to the communities in which we live, work, and serve.  

The commendation below reads…

In recognition of your gracious iPad donations to a Glendale nursing home. Your act of kindness will help provide a wonderful opportunity for patients to communicate with their loved ones during a tome of no visitation privileges. On behalf of the City of Glendale, thank you for your thoughtful donation.

Vrej Agajanian, Mayor
September 1, 2020

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