Cloud CMA SSO Bug

Cloud CMA Known Bug

This Issue Has Been Resolved!

Click Here If You Implemented The Workaround Outlined Below
and Need to Revert Your CLOUD CMA Changes.


A new bug has developed where agents are unable to access CloudCMA.

In short, W&R Studios made changes to their data/processes that are causing SSO (single-sign-on) login failures for our members accessing CloudCMA. Apparently, they updated our agent’s MLS IDs to include CRMLS’s ‘ITC-‘ prefix.  CloudCMA support has sent this issue to their development team with a request for a high priority fix.  No ETA yet.

There is a short-term workaround, but there is a caveat.  If an agent implements this fix, they will have to undo it once CloudCMA fixes the i-Tech MLS ID prefixing issue.


The workaround is to access CloudCMA directly at Here are the steps to follow:

  • The agent will be prompted for their email address and MLS password.
  • Once entered, the agent will be taken to their CloudCMA page.
  • The agent needs to open the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
  • From the menu select ‘Settings’.
  • Under MLS Configuration, enter “ITC-“+ their i-Tech MLS ID without any spaces.
    For example:  G1234567 becomes ITC-G1234567.
  • Then enter the MLS password and save the changes.

The agent can proceed to CloudCMA and access prior CMAs or create a new CMA.  Until there is a fix, the agent will have to enter the comparable listing numbers for their CMA instead of transferring them directly from i-Tech.

We will let you know when we hear back from W&R Studios that a programming place has been put in place.

We appreciate your patience and understanding through this transitional glitch.

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