Supra Billing Update

Supra’s NEW Automated Billing

Supra is introducing a new billing and payment system to help streamline processes for keyholders and put more self-service in the hands of account holders.

Below are a few essential things to know about the new system.

  • Automated notices will take place if the credit card on file is rejected for payment:
    • 1 DAY after the debit credit card payment is unsuccessful a courtesy email will go out to notify agents to update their credit card that is on file.
    • 5 DAYS after the debit credit card payment is unsuccessful, your eKey app will stop working.  A big red notification button will present itself in the app to update your account.
    • 25 DAYS after the debit credit card payment is unsuccessful, a $25.00 late fee will be added to your account balance. An additional email notification will go out about this account update.
    • At any time a keyholder can re-activate their account through the self-serve payment offered through the eKEY app – eliminating calls to your GAOR office or Supra support.


  • If any keyholders are already in a past-due status prior to August 9, 2022, you will be subject to a late fee after August 8th.
  • Reactivation requires the keyholder to pay a late fee of $25.00 when payment is past due by 25 days or more. This can be done through the eKEY app or SupraWEB.
  • GAOR Supra users are billed on the 6th day of every month.
  • When new Supra Subscribers join, they will pay a prorated amount for the current period that ends on the 5th day of the month.
  • The card used to sign up for Supra service must be the same card used for the monthly service fee.
  • The new automated billing system sets the foundation for expanded digital services.  STAY TUNED!!

You can always learn more about Supra Services and their eKEY Payment Management Feature here:

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