Coming Soon Status - FAQs

‘Coming Soon’ Status FAQs

  1. Does i-Tech MLS share ‘Coming Soon’ listings with any neighboring MLSs?For now, ‘Coming Soon’ listings are shared with CRMLS. It may be shared with other MLSs in the future. Contact GAOR for details
  2. What is the Coming Soon status?The i-Tech ‘Coming Soon’ status is defined as a property that is under a valid listing agreement but may not be shown to the public.
  3. What is the status color for Coming Soon listings?The status name and pin color on maps is a yellow-gold.
  4. What is unique about the Coming Soon status?A listing in the ‘Coming Soon’ status satisfies the requirement of NAR’s Clear Cooperation policy, MLS Rule 8.0. A listing broker may advertise and/or market a listing in the ‘Coming Soon’ status, but the property may not be shown to the public.
  5. Are there any requirements for marketing or advertising a ‘Coming Soon’ property?Yes. Marketing and Advertising of a property in the ‘Coming Soon’ status must clearly display ‘Coming Soon’ along with the ‘On Market Date’ in the promotional material.
  6. What is required to place a listing in Coming Soon status?A listing broker must possess a valid listing agreement that is in effect at the time the property is entered into i-Tech. Additionally, the listing broker must be in possession of written directions from the seller directing the listing broker to enter their property in the ‘Coming Soon’ status including an acknowledgment that public showings are not permitted.
  7. How long can a Coming Soon listing remain in that status?The maximum period-of-time a listing can remain in ‘Coming Soon’ is 21 days. When entering a listing with a status of ‘Coming Soon’, the listing broker will be required to provide an ‘On Market Date’. The listing input and change process will not accept an ‘On Market Date’ which exceeds 21 days.
  8. What happens when the On Market Date is reached?There is an automatic process that runs once a day around midnight. The process looks at each ‘Coming Soon’ status listing. If the ‘On Market Date’ is equal to the current date or prior to the current date, the listing status is automatically changed to ‘Active’.
  9. If the On Market Date is less than 21 days, can it be extended?Yes. While a listing is in the ‘Coming Soon’ status, the ‘On Market Date’ may be extended as long as the total number of days in the ‘Coming Soon’ status doesn’t exceed 21 days.
  10. Can the On Market Date be shortened?Yes. The listing broker may shorten the ‘On Market Date’. The new date may be the current date or a date in the future. If the listing broker changes the ‘On Market Date’ to the current date, the listing status will be changed to ‘Active’ that night when the ‘Coming Soon’ status change process runs. If the listing broker needs to make the listing ‘Active’ immediately, contact the Glendale AOR office for assistance.
  11. What happens to the Days in MLS calculation while a listing is in the Coming Soon status?In i-Tech, the DIM calculation is suspended while a listing is in the ‘Coming Soon’ status. The DIM calculation begins with the On Market Date.
  12. Can the ‘Coming Soon’ listing status be changed to another status other than ‘Active’?If the listing broker has a valid Listing Cancellation Agreement signed by the seller prior to the ‘On Market Date’, a ‘Coming Soon’ listing can be changed by the listing broker to ‘Cancelled’. There are no other statuses available to the listing broker while a listing is shown as ‘Coming Soon’.
  13. What should be done if a listing has been in the Coming Soon status for 21 days but still isn’t ready to be shown?When the maximum number of days has been reached the listing will automatically convert to ‘Active’ status overnight. Once in an ‘Active’ status, the listing broker can change the status to ‘Hold’ to indicate the property is not available for showings.
  14. Once a Coming Soon listing has converted to Active can it be placed back in Coming Soon?No. A listing cannot return to ‘Coming Soon’ once it has moved to any other status.
  15. Are there any new violations as a result of the new Coming Soon status?Yes. If a property is shown in the ‘Coming Soon’ status and public showings are allowed, the listing broker and agent may receive a violation under MLS Rule 9.3.
  16. Can a listing with a status with Coming Soon be scheduled for a broker caravan, open house or virtual open house?Yes, with conditions. Any public showing event can be scheduled but the date must be the same as or after the ‘On Market Date’. If you schedule one of these events and then attempt to extend the ‘On Market Date’ to after the public showing event, the system will block the change to the ‘On Market Date’.
  17. Are Coming Soon listings included in Auto-Prospecting or Client Portal?‘Coming Soon’ listings are available in the auto-prospecting process when the agent sets up the search parameters.The listings may be emailed directly to clients and they are distributed for inclusion in VOW websites. However, Coming Soon listings are not available in IDX or in syndication (Zillow,, etc.).
  18. Are there any limitations with Coming Soon status listings?Yes. If a client has access to their Client Portal and creates their own search, they will not have access to ‘Coming Soon’ listings. The agent can replicate the same search parameters for the client and include ‘Coming Soon’ listings.
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