Act Now: No on ACA 13!

Tell Your State Senator to Vote No On ACA 13

As a member of C.A.R. and more importantly, as a supporter of the REALTOR® PARTY of CALIFORNIA, we ask for your support by getting involved in making a call to your State Senator and asking them to vote NO on ACA 13. ACA 13 (Ward) will undermine the voice of California voters, erode Prop 13 protections, and make it even more difficult for families to afford a home. Calling is Preferred Emailing has been disabled Taking Action Requires 5 Simple Steps: Click the button below to go to C.A.R.’s Legislative Alert page! Enter your EMAIL and ZIP Code FIRST! Click the Alert that reads…“CALL your Senator today to urge them to Vote NO on ACA 13“ Dial the phone number next to your Senator’s name. Give the office your Name and ZIP code and ask them to “take the message to vote no on ACA 13.“ Click the DONE button...Continue reading

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