Longstanding GAOR member Aram Djagharbekian has passed away.

Aram Djagharbekian – In Memoriam

Longstanding GAOR member Aram Djagharbekian has passed away after a period of recent illness. Aram joined GAOR as a member in 1989 and he was most recently with the La Cañada office of Engel & Völkers, formerly known as Dilbeck Real Estate. Aram was active with GAOR over the years in several capacities including the MLS, Grievance, Professional Standards and Finance Committees, and the Board of Directors.

We thank Aram for his leadership at our Association and to the Glendale REALTOR® community, and we express our profound condolences to his family and to all who knew him. Please join us in remembering Aram and honoring his legacy to our community.

In accordance with the family’s wishes, we would like to announce to our members the funeral services for Aram.

Memorial Service

September 28, 2023 at 12:00 p.m.
St. Gregory Armenian Catholic Church
1510 E. Mountain Street, Glendale, CA 91207

A private funeral service will follow.

If you would like to share a memory that we can include here,
please email Robert at robert@gaor.org and he will update this post.

A message from GAOR Member Arin Gharibian on behalf of Aram’s family

Today, I want to announce the passing of Aram Djagharbekian, who many of you may know for his dedication and work through the real estate community since the early 1990’s here in the city of Glendale, where he immigrated to from Rome, Italy in 1985 and lived in until his passing earlier this week. He was over zealously committed to the agents he worked with and to preserving the integrity of the real estate community.   

Outside of the walls of his professional career, his passions that fueled his personal life were that of spending time with his family, experiences he shared with them and the new found light of his eye: Christopher (his very first grandchild and nephew). Christopher loved Aram equally.

Aram was surrounded by his furry nieces, Arca and Larry (a female golden doodle named after a male name that stood for an inside joke his daughter and husband had that loosely referenced the foundation of their relationship). He also had his sidekick Leila, a toy poodle, who never left his side and they were couch locked together. Aram was a full time real estate manager but part time sitter for any of the fury nieces and hosted a second bedroom (right next to his) for his grandson.  

Aram was married to his wife Gilda for almost 40 years. They had two children together, Alex and Anna. He was extremely proud of who they were and the values they carried. Even when he was sick, he would help Anna or “Nanaz” (his nickname for Anna) with her online business she launched. Not an order was missed. One of the best nights of his life was Anna and Arin’s wedding, where he was shining almost brighter than the bride with happiness.  

Aram was never absent for a family gathering, holiday or bbq. He could be found standing over a wood fire bbq with his son, sharing a glass of wine. He and his wife always had friends/family over or his son, son in law and daughter were hosting a crazy group of friends for bbq, who all loved Aram. 

As the kids grew up and moved out, he enjoyed when they would come over or he would go to their house. Each year he looked forward to hosting Thanksgiving with his wife at their house on Chevy Chase and co hosting the family at his sons house just around the corner from their house. He added laughter and warmth to his family. Loved sharing real estate snip bits and gossip with his son in law Arin Gharibian, another real estate agent from Glendale.  

Since Aram’s passing, every friend has come forward with almost an identical statement about how precious he was to them, what a gentle person he was and how hurt they are over losing such a good friend. Knowing Aram was a treasure and his family was grateful for each moment they shared with him. His warm smile and perfectly crafted baguettes will be missed at each gathering, holiday and bbq.

Aram was a long-time Realtor who always acted professionally and knowledgeably. He was kind, and caring. When he saw you, he always acknowledged you. I am sad that we have lost a wonderful member of our Realtor family. He will always be remembered as having worked hard to improve our Realtor organization.

Jennie Manders
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