Wildfire Issues Webinar Jan 9

Wildfire Issues – Webinar – JAN 9 @ 1:30pm

Wildfire risks are common throughout California.  Do your buyers and sellers understand

  • Their responsibilities and risks?  
  • The difference between an NHD statement, an NHD report, fire hardening, or defensible space?  
  • The difference between what is required and what is not?  

Why is this so complicated?  

Join C.A.R. attorneys Robert Bloom and Neil Kalin as they discuss wildfire disclosures, forms, and compliance.

C.A.R.’s Fire Hardening and Defensible Space Advisory, Disclosure, and Addendum (C.A.R. Form FHDS) should be added to the Agreement by addendum or counter for any transaction that requires a TDS and is in a High or Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone.
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