New RPA Form Has Arrived

The New RPA is Here

The new C.A.R. RPA form (Residential Purchase Agreement) is now available for your review. The form can be downloaded effective today.  Get more information from C.A.R. here.

Curious what the changes are between the old and the new. Preview the deltas here.

Did your eyes just glaze over flipping through all those changes! We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the resources C.A.R. has made available to REALTORS®.

NOTE: There is still one scheduled RPA live training webinar to be given by C.A.R. on December 29. Here is one great oppoturnity to get your burning questions answered.

If that were not enough, to get a jumpstart on all the changes, visit our YouTube channel to hear straight from our own resident expert and C.A.R. MLS board member Rick Bonyadi!  Rick gave a 1 hour 54 minute overview at our Town Hall on Wednesday, 12/15/21.

About the C.A.R. Residential Purchase Agreement training. The course covers:

Detailed instructions on how to use the RPA form
Instruction on how to use related forms
Relevant provisions in the RPA form and related forms
Principal preparation of an offer made using the RPA and related forms
Principal response to an offer made using the RPA and related forms
Answers to legal questions from a buyer or seller client concerning language in the RPA and related forms
Guidance for a buyer or seller client concerning the application of RPA and related forms to their particular transaction
We hope this information is helpful.

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