C.A,R, Diversity Chair Karol Kovocha

C.A.R. Diversity Chair To Speak at Town Hall Meeting – DEC 14

We are pleased to have Karol Kovocha, 2022 C.A.R. Diversity Chair, address our members on the issues surrounding diversity and inclusion.   Karol Kovocha’s career is with her team of industry professionals at KOCH Properties that have over 30 years of experience specializing in sales, acquisition, finance, and construction of residential and commercial properties.  They put a special emphasis in honoring the men and women who serve our communities in uniform.  Their mission is to serve and give back to these heroes.  This includes personalized service, consultation, discounts, rebates, and special loan programs to meet their clients’ buying, selling, and refinancing needs of residential and commercial real estate.   Join us to hear what this consummate professional has done at the state level to enhance the State Association’s initiative to ensure California State REALTORS® are meeting C.A.R objectives.   Join us December 14 to hear first hand at our Town Hall meeting.   We are pleased to have Karol Kovocha, 2022...Continue reading

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