Whitelist gaor@gaor.org

Don’t Miss Important GAOR Emails

Whitelist GAOR@GAOR.org We are hearing that some members are not getting timely email notices from GAOR. Below is information to help you keep informed through important email notices. Although all official emails come from GAOR@GAOR.org, most are sent on behalf of third-party providers. As such we suggest you WHITELIST each of the following types of emails that are sent on behalf of our two providers. Invoice Notices, MLS Notices (Rapattoni) Email: MLSEmail@rapattoni.com News from our CEO and President (Constant Contact) Following is a link to a KB (knowledge base) post from Constant Contact. They cover in detail how you can WHITELISTGAOR@GAOR.ORG with the email providers listed below.Continue reading

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