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Professional standards for REALTORS® include ethical behavior, honesty, integrity, professionalism, and adherence to the National Association of Realtors® NAR Code of Ethics. Realtors are expected to provide their clients with accurate and honest information, act in their clients’ best interests, and maintain confidentiality. We should also strive to improve their knowledge and skills through continuing education.

June 2023


Quiz question of the month

“My broker told me that I received a citation and fine because I didn’t correct a violation after CRMLS sent me a warning to do so. I didn’t see any emails asking me to correct a violation. How can I make sure that CRMLS’ communications are reaching me in the future?” 

  1. Confirm with your Association that your email address on file is correct 
  2. Check your spam folders for emails from CRMLS 
  3. Nothing – just let your broker tell you if they are aware of any emails that may have been sent to you 
  4. Both a and b 

Answer: D

Per CRMLS Rule 12.22: “Every MLS Participant/Subscriber shall be required to maintain on file with the AOR/MLS a current, accurate, and active email address at which they may be contacted.” Please ensure that you have set your spam filters to allow emails from CRMLS.Test your knowledge by taking the new updated compliance quiz!

Reminder to Keep Office Compliance Email Addresses Updated 

As a reminder, it is your responsibility to keep the Office Compliance Email Address up to date. Any Compliance emails that would ordinarily go to a broker, office manager and/or office assistant (e.g., agent citations, etc.) will go directly to a single email address of the broker’s choice, called the Office Compliance Email. 

The Office Compliance Email is the single defined email address for broker-level compliance emails sent to an office. Please note, agents will still receive notices sent separately to their roster email addresses. 

If brokers do not update this field, the Compliance emails will be sent to the Office Manager email (if there is an Office Manager linked to the office); if there is no Office Manager linked to the office, Compliance emails will be sent to the Designated Broker (DB). 

The Office Compliance Email Address can be updated by contacting your AOR directly or following the step-by-step guides for your MLS platform. 

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