PFAR - VC Listings

PFAR and VC Listings

Following is an MLS update from our MLS Systems Administrator Rick Stever.

OCTOBER 5, 2020

Original List Prices

The issue is that CRMLS’s record for some PFAR and VC listings shows an Original List Price as blank. When we transfer the CRMLS copy into i-Tech, the field will show a $0.00 value. We have identified both pre and post-8/28/20 entered PFAR and VC listings with this issue and have reported them to CRMLS this morning. This should be a minor issue since it involves the data in the Original List Price field. This is used in Comparative Market Analysis reports as well as displayed in Listing Summary/Detail reports. I don’t believe there are a lot of our members with product monthly reports — but there are some.

Some Photo Links Are Broken

There also seems to be an issue with some broken photo links for PFAR and VC listings. We are continuing to investigate this to identify the root cause.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2020

Area Issue with CRMLS/PFAR Listings

I noticed that a number of PFAR and CRMLS Active listings are transferring to i-Tech without an Area or with an Area of “699 – Out of Area”. There are 5 Pasadena city Active listings without an Area, 12 Pasadena city listings with 699 as the area and 3 La Crescenta listings without an Area. I’ve requested information from CRMLS on why these listings are processing without an area or with an out-of-area code.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

Rapattoni and PFAR & VC Listings

Rapattoni has begun updating the listing numbers for all PFAR (Pasadena Foothill) and VC (Ventura Coastal) listings. They expect the entire process to take approximately 5 hours to complete. Here are the details:

  1. All PFAR and VC listing in their home system will have a dash (“-“) following the first 2 characters of the listing number. We are removing the dash so our Listing Number and Listing Number Speed Searches work correctly. 

    Since the beginning of CARETS, CLAW has had a dash in their home system listing numbers. CARETS and CRMLS has always removed this dash. We haven’t had any issues with CLAW listings and I don’t expect any with PFAR or VC listings without the dash.

  2. All PFAR listings entered prior to 8/28/20 will have a “P0” prefixed to their original listing number. The second character is a zero, not the letter “)”.

  3. All PFAR listings entered on 8/28/20 or after will have a “P1” prefixed to the listing number. There are 4 digits following the “P1”, beginning with 1000. This is a much shorter listing number than previous PFAR listing numbers.
  4. The same conditions apply to the VC listings with a “V0” and “V1”.

PFAR and VC Trigger Updates:

I asked CRMLS why we are seeing so many older PFAR and VC listings being updated on a daily basis.

Here is the explanation…

Unfortunately, this will be an ongoing process for a while. FBS (Flex) is correcting some urgent issues related to the recent conversion. They’re tackling these issues as quickly as possible, which is why you’re seeing the abrupt timestamp modifications”.

The issue this is causing for some of our members is that their Hotsheet can’t be displayed.  There is a maximum number of 500 listings on a Hotsheet.  With the number of older PFAR/VC listings being updated, this maximum is being exceeded at least once during a 24-hour period and, likely twice during most 24-hour periods.  The broader the territory covered by the Hotsheet, the more likely that the 500 listing limit will be exceeded.

Because RETS is based on accessing listings based on recent timestamps, we can’t stop processing the updates being sent by Flex to CRMLS.  As long as Flex continues to update older listings, our members will have issues with their Hotsheets.

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