Letter from GAOR on the Values of Justice and Fairness


Just a week ago we were sickened as we watched, as did many of you, the death of an African American man caused by police misconduct. It was so outrageous, that many other police agencies, including the Glendale Police Department, disavowed the actions of the Minneapolis officers and reaffirmed the need for trust and dialogue with the community.

This weekend the resulting protests all over the United States – individuals exercising their right to free speech with the support of local police – were marred by violence and looting from others taking advantage of the moment. Glendale and Los Angeles County remain in a state of emergency with curfews in effect. The GAOR building at 124 S. Isabel St. as of today has not been subjected to violence or vandalism, and more importantly, we are grateful that GAOR members and staff are staying safe.

We are all feeling overwhelming waves of emotion ranging from anger to grief and frustration. And yet we have a role to play in healing our communities and our society which will take many years long after the broken glass is cleaned up. REALTORS® are well suited for this effort, due to your presence in the community and your commitment to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. Our profession is committed to fairness, inclusivity, and opportunity for everyone. Fair Housing is not just a saying; it is a foundation of the law and of the principles and integrity that the REALTOR® profession espouses.

Healing Will Mean Earnest Hard Work

It is not the first time in 2020 that we have said “this changes everything”, and yet the events of the last seven days really do change everything. Healing will mean earnest hard work, difficult conversations, self-introspection, and a genuine commitment to positive change. GAOR is committed to this hard work. We encourage you to be a part of the discussion too and we look forward to hearing from you.

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