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Home Warranty and NHD – Affiliate Panel Discussion

In case you missed it!

Please join us at our March 16th Town Hall meeting to get a healthy discussion of issues regarding Home Warranty and NHD.

Here are examples of questions the panel will attempt to address…


  • Is a home inspection required in order to be covered? 
  • Are secondary damages covered by the home warranty? 
  • Who is best person to order the home warranty? ​
  • What to expect that is NOT covered by a home warranty 
  • What is the realtor’s role in choosing the  home warranty coverage?
  • Warranty policies are not “one size fits all”  How do I customize a home warranty? 
  • Warranty policies do not repair items that are reported in an inspection report 
  • Can a home inspection report help a claim if it has been denied? Can it hurt a claim?
  • Why does a homeowner have to pay a TCF?
  • Are Optional Coverages important to add to a policy? If so, why?
  • Do all home warranties have limitations to coverage? If so, why?


  • Is it a good idea to allow the buyer’s agent to select the NHD company in a transaction?
  • Is it a good idea to select an NHD company that discloses several items that are not required under California’s Civil code? 
  • Should agents take it upon themselves to look at a hazard map, like the FEMA flood map, and determine whether or not the property is located in a hazard zone?

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