GAOR Leadership Institute Committee

The goal for the leadership development program is for GAOR, through the Executive Committee, past presidents, and members, to develop and implement a systematic approach for the identification, placement, and training of future GAOR leaders.

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Committee Members

Committee Governance

  1. The Committee Chair shall be appointed annually by the GAOR President, who will oversee the selection, participation, and evaluation of the program.
  2. The Leadership Development Committee shall have Five (5) members.
  3. Committee members may be selected from:
    • Past presidents
    • Officers
    • Committee Chairs
    • Other GAOR members with specific leadership training and skills
  4. Members of the “Committee” shall not serve on the Nominating Committee during the same administrative year.
  5. The Chair shall work closely with staff and GAOR C.E.O to present participants to serve on GAOR committees.
  6. The officers shall serve on the working group in ex-officio capacity.
  7. Leadership Development Committee shall recommend funding for activities related to overall “Leadership Development Program” on an annual basis.
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