iTech CRMLS Migration


As you may have seen from past emails, GAOR has chosen to switch our MLS provider from i-Tech to CRMLS Matrix in April 2022. This message is the first of many from GAOR and CRMLS so that you will know what is happening, what to expect, and how you can be prepared with your real estate business.

Some of you may be familiar with Matrix while others have primarily used i-Tech MLS. Matrix has a number of features and benefits built in, and you will have many opportunities beginning in January to learn and ask questions through training programs in person, webinars, on-demand videos, how-to articles and more.

At the same time, we recognize that many GAOR members have more familiarity with i-Tech MLS and may have questions and concerns. We want to make it easier for you during this transition and provide you with as much time and learning opportunities as possible. Stay tuned for announcements including:

  • Detailed timeline for this transition
  • What you can do before April 2022, such as learn Matrix, explore its features, and set up the CRMLS Dashboard with its universe of third-party services
  • How we will attempt to minimize downtime so that you do not see an interruption in your MLS service
  • How you can preserve and transfer over your personal information, searches, contacts, and records from i-Tech

Why is GAOR making this transition?

GAOR currently has a contract with another MLS technology company, the Rapattoni Corporation, to provide i-Tech MLS. This contract is expiring next April after several years serving Glendale and, for much of that time, Pasadena-Foothills and surrounding areas. Near the end of April 2022, all GAOR members will transition over to Matrix and i-Tech MLS will no longer be available.

The GAOR Board of Directors determined that this was a good opportunity to leverage the approximately 120,000 members of CRMLS and supporting technologies to bring leading real estate services to our members. The Board also recognizes that this was not an easy decision and that some of our members may experience difficulties during the transition. We want to ensure that all of our members have the time and tools they need to establish their real estate businesses on Matrix and continue serving their clients.

What should I do right now?

In the first weeks of January 2022, you will start receiving communications from CRMLS and GAOR about the schedule, timeline, training and onboarding. I want to encourage you to do the following at any time starting this month and into the first quarter of 2022:

Ensure your personal information, especially your email, is accurate and up-to-date in GAOR’s records. Check with your email provider to confirm that GAOR’s messages are not getting dropped into your spam folder.

Discuss with your broker about how your office may navigate this transition. You and your broker may not have all the answers yet; keep a running list of all questions and concerns so that we can address each one.

Take advantage of the Matrix Reciprocal Login within i-Tech to access Matrix right now and get a look around.

You may want to set up your CRMLS Dashboard login. This is not required right away but is a good opportunity to check it out and see what tools are available. If you set up your CRMLS Dashboard before the April transition, you will not lose your i-Tech login or your data stored within i-Tech. Check out the recent email from CRMLS about how to set up your Dashboard.

Stay tuned for more to come! On behalf of the GAOR Leadership Team, I want to thank you for your membership at GAOR, wish you and yours a very safe and happy holiday.

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