Glendale Fire Marshall Jeffrey Ragusa

Fire Marshall Ragusa Meets with GAOR REALTORS®

Fire Marshall Ragusa explains how the city will work with REALTORS® in selling properties and meeting New Disclosure Requirements for Properties in the City’s High Fire Hazard Areas.

Questions addressed are:

  1. Does Glendale have a local ordinance requiring brush removal or defensible space vegetation management?
  2. Does Glendale have a local ordinance requiring home hardening?
  3. How does a home/property owner document compliance?
  4. Can a homeowner call for a GFD inspection after the work in No.1 above has been completed?
  5. Is there a cost associated with the inspection?
  6. What is the lead time to call for an inspection?
  7. How long does the inspection take?
  8. Will GFD provide a certificate of compliance to the homeowner after the associated inspection? Provided of course, there is compliance?
  9. What mapping system does GFD use to identify HFHZ?
  10. Do you know how many homes/ properties are located in high fire hazard zones in Glendale?
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