Exactly What Is The Glendale CRMLS Dashboard?

The Glendale CRMLS Dashboard is a new feature-rich launch page.  In short, we are NOT moving users from i-Tech Rapattoni to CRMLS Matrix.  We also have no plans on removing the old log-in page — for now.  

i-TECH Rapattoni and CRMLS Matrix remain as independent MLS platforms.

As you may already know, GAOR and CRMLS forged a business alliance this past year where i-Tech Rapattoni taps into CRMLS Matrix data and vice versa.   Not only do we mutually benefit from sharing MLS data, in this new business alliance CRMLS also:

  1. Manages all our Rapattoni technical support calls,
  2. Records new listing SELMs,
  3. Tracks real estate violation issues, 
  4. Provides Rapattoni live training, pre-recorded video training, live webinars, and recorded webinars, 
  5. and more…

With so much to organize, GAOR and CRMLS came up with a new i-Tech Log-in page that gives agents a convenient way to access our i-Tech MLS as well as a host of other CRMLS support services.   From the dashboard, prominently displayed is a link to automatically take you to your Rapattoni i-TECH login page.

In summary, creating a dashboard profile will provide you convenience and help you navigate our feature-rich array of services. Stay tuned as more features get added in the upcoming months and years.

We hope you enjoy this added convencience and signifcant system upgrade.

CRMLS Glendale Dashboard
Glendale CRMLS Dashboard
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