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Stellar Week of Guest Speakers

As we wrap up our month of October, GAOR had a stellar week of compelling guest speakers.  Your participation and questions were a big part of making the virtual sessions invaluable to others and to our Guest Speakers!  Two important takeaways from this week were best said by two honored guests.  Since these were live events, we are paraphrasing their sentiments.

Jeanne Radsick, C.A.R. 2020 President as our keynote speaker

From this challenging year with COVID-19 and the BLM movement, some good has come from it.  Participation from C.A.R. members has increased many fold and engagement has been sustaining.  Next year C.A.R. will continue to focus its energy on fair housing issues.  We are never going back to how things were.

Thank you to the associations who put this panel together.  Hearing insights from REALTORS® was invaluable and has given them useful information that they can act on and take back with them to the State Capitol.

If you would like to see more of these types of events, do let us know what your association can do for you.  Feel free to complete our online form.  We read them all!

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