No On Proposition 21

No On 21

Grants New Powers to Regulatory Bodies to Impose or Modify Rent Policies – Without Public Oversight.

Proposition 21 will change existing law to allow extreme rent control regulations and rules to be locally- enacted by unelected rent boards. These boards could change the cost and availability of housing with no requirements that they seek public input or that they hold a public vote.

Eliminates Homeowner Protections.

Proposition 21 allows regulators to tell single-family homeowners how much they can charge to rent out their homes – even if they just want to rent a single room. Homeowners will be subject to regulations and price controls enacted by unelected boards.

Reduced Availability of Affordable and Middle-Class Housing.

Independent academic experts from Stanford and U.C. Berkeley agree extreme rent control policies like those in Prop 21 discourage new construction and reduce availability of affordable and middle-class housing, driving up rents for many Californians.

Cannot Be Easily Changed without Another Statewide Initiative.

Proposition 21 can only be amended by the legislature with a 2/3 vote and only to further its purpose. Another ballot measure would be required to change any substantive problems.
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