Monday Morning Minute

This One-Minute IS Your Time. Literally.

This page is designed to bring informative one-minute clips. They are to keep you apprised of what your local association is doing but MORE IMPORTANTLY, we want it to be a platform for members to share best practices with other members, THAT’S YOU!

  • Do you have a topic in mind you would like to see covered?
  • Do you know of a well-seasoned pro from whom you would like to hear advice?
  • Do you have a burning question you would like to see answered?
  • Do you already have a collection of Tik-Tok videos you would like to contribute?

Then bring your ideas to us using the Suggestion Box provided. Below are the requirements we are setting forth, which we plan to amend as more members get involved and new ideas are incorporated.

RULES To Keep In Mind

  • Our goal is to have at least one Monday Morning Minute to share each week.
  • Keep videos to an approximate length of ONE MINUTE or less
  • Make videos mobile-friendly by recording in portrait mode Vertical (not in landscape ▄▄)
  • Provide a nugget of information that would help other REALTORS® be better professionals
  • Videos will be branded with the GAOR Monday Morning Minute overlay

RULES Not To Be Broken

  • Solicitations to advertise your business will not be accepted
  • Solicitations to sell homes will not be accepted
  • Using this platform as a soapbox for political discourse will not be accepted.

IDEAS To Get You Kick Started

  • Use this platform to remind agents of timely upcoming events
  • Share with us the rules you live by or your “Top Ten” list
  • Share your favorite quote of the week
  • Use this platform to nominate a REALTOR of the Year or an Affiliate of the Year
  • Give Advice About Title
  • Give Advice About Escrow
  • Give Advice About Lending
  • Give Advice About Staging
  • Give Advice About Home Warranty and Inspections
  • Give Advice About Listing
  • Give Advice About Closing
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