2021 Assembly Bill Initiatives

C.A.R. Backs 4 Important Assembly Bill Initiatives

C.A.R. has put together a short explainer video about the legislation we’re sponsoring and supporting as it relates to fair housing.

  1. AB 263 – Implicit bias training for all real estate licensees
  2. AB 491 – Stops discriminatory practices of treating residents of affordable housing units and mixed-income developments differently from market-rate housing units residents.
  3. AB 633 – Makes changes to current law to preserve intergenerational wealth
  4. AB 948 – Requires information to be provided to buyers and sellers on how to report discriminatory appraisals by licensed real estate appraisers

Learn from the video, the importance of these measures and share it with your clients to show how REALTORS® are fighting for fair housing.


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