Affiliate Spotlight with Deanna Scortino, – Wed August 19


Deanna Scortino recently celebrated her 22-year work anniversary with Cutco! No one really knew the “high school knife job” would ever grow into what it has become, but needless to say, it has created an incredible life Deanna lives to this day.

Not familiar with Cutco? The company was founded in 1949 and its product are still made in America!

Deanna loves helping real estate and other professionals in keeping themselves “top-of-mind” with non-consumable closing gifts that their clients will use daily for the rest of their lives.

Why does Deanna have such a high conviction in what she does?  Well, her own grandmother has owned Cutco knives for over 55 years and therefore Deanna has grown up with the product!


Although Deanna was inducted into the Cutco Hall of Fame in 2009, Deanna’s most recent proudest moment was convincing her husband Chuck to get rid of his company and come work for her full-time while maintaining his status as a “house husband.”

Deanna has been the #1 rep in Cutco’s Closing Gift league for the past several years and is currently having one of her best years in 2020!

If you know Deanna, you know she truly epitomizes one who is true to herself and is genuine. Whereas she is highly respectful of others, she never is complacent with her own integrity.  She very much appreciates her clients and customers and is grateful not only for them but their ability to not have a filter around her either. She wouldn’t have it any other way ?.

When Deanna isn’t out slingin’ blades, you can usually find her traveling, spending time with her family, and making comedic films.  She lives in Glendale and you may see her driving around the area with her husband, AKA Batman, in his “Bat Tank” truck. It’s truly never a dull moment with Deanna.

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