Zillow is adding the prior Realtor’s information including Days On Market.


Why does Zillow still have my property showing at 156 DOM.  We literally pulled the listing off the MLS just to reset the counter.  It still doesn’t properly reflect the time that I’ve had the home listed and they’ve essentially added the prior Realtor’s information (including DOM) in addition to mine.


I will reach out again to Zillow, but I don’t believe they will alter their calculation.  They state “Time on Zillow”.  It doesn’t reference a specific listing but the total time it has been on Zillow.  Also, we don’t/can’t control how Zillow frames their days-on-market/days-in-MLS/time in Zillow calculation.

Here is the methodology for Zillows calculation:

“Each active listing will show a “Time on Zillow” counter. This counter tracks the total amount of time that has elapsed since the property was initially listed for sale on our site.

Days on Zillow will be reset only under the following circumstances:

  • Listing Type – Listed as For Sale by Owner to For Sale by Agent (or vice versa)
  • Switches listing ownership – except when the below instances occur:
  • The listing ownership remains in the same office/brokerage AND has the MLS number.
  • The listing is de-listed and relisted with a different MLS number (while this resets the days within their MLS, this does not reset the Days on Zillow.)
  • Listing is off-market for 31+ days, but the system did not recognize it.”

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