I have a question about Zillow Days On Market


I recently took on a new listing in Glendale where the property was listed prior to me taking over (Listing: xxxxxxxxx).  We started fresh with new pics, details…. Basically “the works” however Zillow adds the prior listing DIM on top of mine and it makes me look really bad and it also hurts the listing.

The sellers are very upset and wants only the days our broker has listed the property.  I do too.  How do we go about doing this?  Zillow is clearly in violation of this….  How do we fix this?


From my experience with other listings, they have a set way they do things and they won’t adjust their processes.

As an example, we had an agent close an i-Tech listing but he made a mistake in entering the selling price.  He corrected the price by almost $300,000 but Zillow continued to display the original, incorrect price.  After 3 ½ months of going back and forth with them, Zillow admitted that they never update a Sold listing once the status is set to Sold.

I explained why that is a huge logic error on their part but they wouldn’t change.  They finally manually updated the selling price.

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