7 MLS-Providers | 6 Reciprocal MLS Links?

iTECH MLS Affiliates - High Desert Area MLS, CLAW MLS, Bakersfield MLS, Ventura Coastal MLS, CRMLS, Pasadena Foothills MLS


This article is here to help you navigate the seven MLS providers that come with your GAOR MLS membership. 

To start, GAOR’s iTECH MLS is your launchpad to all the MLS Providers that your MLS membership offers!   

Log Into iTECH Here

iTECH is just the beginning!
GAOR membership gives you access to SIX other MLS Providers. 

Gaining access to the other six providers requires you to navigate to two different areas of your iTECH MLS dashboard.  A screenshot is provided below pointing to where you can locate these links.  Here are the two types of Login Groups.

  • Single Sign-on Providers   (Note this widget may not be located in the same place ON your home page dashboard)
  • Reciprocal Guest Providers

Single Sign-On Links

There are three Single Sign-on links located in a widget on the home page of your iTECH MLS dashboard.  

  1. CLAW (Greater Los Angeles Area)
  2. High Desert Area (Adelanto, Apple Valley, Hesperia, Oak Hills, Victorville)
  3. Bakersfield (Bakersfield Area)

SSO means you only have to log on once to access any number of other service sites.  The links are programmed to seamlessly pass on your login credentials to the other service provider.

Reciprocal Guest Links

You have MLS membership to three other MLS providers who unfortunately do NOT offer SSO capability.  Access requires a username and password. Passwords change on the first day of every month.  Those providers are:

  1. CRMLS (Greater Parts of California)
  2. Pasadena (PFAR): (Altadena, Eagle Rock Report, La Cañada Flintridge, La Crescenta, Montrose, Pasadena, San Marino, South Pasadena, Sunland, Tujunga)
  3. Ventura Coastal, Simi Valley, Canejo Valley

Manual log-on credentials are provided to all members on the first business day of each month in the form of an iTECH Broadcast Notice that i-Tech Users must acknowledge.  Forgot the password?  Not to worry, this notice is also stored in your Broadcast Notice History page and you are only two clicks away:

  • Click on the Admin menu
  • Click ‘View Broadcast Notices’  
  • Make the date range equal to the first day of the month.  Click ‘APPLY’
  • The broadcast notice that contains links to the Reciprocal MLS Providers should be the first notice located at the bottom of the list. 

SSO and Reciprocal Links

Do you not see the Data Share Partners SSO widget? Click here to see how to add it.

Reciprocal Password

Broadcast Notice Date Range

Scroll to The First Broadcast Notice For Each Month

Add the Data Share Partners widget to your i-Tech home page dashboard.

  1. Click on the sprocket image on the blue menu bar
  2. Make sure the Data Share Partners module is “ON”
  3. Click SAVE
  4. Look for the Module on your home page dashboard.

Modules can be dragged and drop in any order on your home page.

Log Into iTECH Here
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