Does the listing agent provide PEAD forms or the agent that is showing?


I am a member and I am getting a lease listing.  I need some information about the coronavirus showing forms.  Also, does the listing agent provide these forms or the agent that is showing?  Where can I find this information?


For COVID-19 forms, including showing forms, one of the most important ones to use is the PEAD. Depending on your needs you may also consider the PEAD-V or PEAD-S, which are similar forms focused on buyers (i.e. visitors), and sellers.

These forms are all available in zipForm which is on the CAR website so I would encourage you to go to and log into zipForm to review which forms are best for you.

For specific advice, I would also encourage you to contact CAR Legal Hotline with your specific questions and they will help you out. The Hotline is available here:

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