About upcoming classes and events at GAOR

You can find out about upcoming events at GAOR in two ways: by email or by regularly visiting this website.

Email Communication

We regularly email our members about upcoming events, classes and opportunities to get involved. We will also occasionally email you important information that affects your business in areas such as the MLS, legal issues, new regulatory requirements, and safety and security recommendations.

In order to receive these messages, please ensure that your email address is accurate in our records and that you have added “gaor.org” to your email provider’s whitelist in order to prevent our messages from being blocked. Please consult your email provider in order to enable our messages to get through. Also, please call GAOR’s membership staff in order to confirm and update your records.

Find out what’s coming up on this website

Be sure to bookmark www.gaor.org and check back frequently as we will be continually updating this site with news, important information about your business, upcoming events, and how-tos for helping your business.

Most importantly, check out our calendar which is easy to remember at www.gaor.org/calendar. We will post all classes, events, committee meetings, board meetings and other items on this page.

If you want to suggest an event, see an error that needs correction, or find that something is missing, contact GAOR and let us know.

What about the class registration calendar?

When you log into the section of our website where you do things like pay dues and register for classes, you have access to another calendar. While this calendar shows most of the events and classes that require registration, it does not show committee meetings, board meetings and certain other special events at GAOR.

In order to see everything that is coming up for GAOR, check out our main calendar first, at www.gaor.org/calendar.

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