Residential Real Estate Signs on Property for Sale

See below the regulations for residential real estate signs placed on properties for sale in the City of Glendale. Please adhere to these rules closely and remind other agents as well so that we can continue to responsibly place open house signs and draw traffic into our listings. The exact code reference is Glendale Municipal Code Sec 30.33.200.


a. Number. One (1) residential real estate sign per dedicated street frontage not to exceed two (2) signs shall be permitted for each property being advertised for rent, lease or sale.

b. Area. The area of a residential real estate sign, including riders, shall not exceed six (6) square feet. A maximum of two (2) faces, neither having a sign face exceeding four (4) feet in any direction, shall be permitted.

c. Zoning districts. Residential real estate signs shall be permitted in all zoning districts.

d. Height. The height of a residential real estate sign or residential real estate sign structure shall not exceed six (6) feet above ground level.

e. Miscellaneous. A residential real estate sign shall be permitted to remain on the premises for a time period not to exceed one hundred twenty (120) days, or ten (10) days after the opening of escrow, whichever is longer.

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