Property for Sale with Coming Soon Posters and Open House Weekends


My client called me about a property which is located in Tujunga, 91042.  The subject property has a for sale sign… the real estate agent has mailed out coming soon posters and open house posters; two separate times, a weekend apart.

Last Saturday and Sunday they had full-on open house from 1-4 with open house signs, banners, and flags.  A lot of cars and potential buyers standing outside of the property to get in.

On the flyer that was mailed out, they mentioned another open house scheduled for this coming Saturday and Sunday from 1-4.  Meanwhile, the property is NOT in the MLS.

Is this how we should conduct our business?

The agent’s name is XXXXXX and the brokerage is XXXXXXXX.  Please let me know if this is acceptable?

Thank you.


Seems to be a violation of Clear Cooperation 8.0 rule if not in the MLS.  Open houses such as is advertised in the flyer are not allowed, so this is a violation.

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