Since the change to the new CRMLS I have not been able to see photos from past MLS listings


Since the change to the new CRMLS, I have not been able to see photos from past MLS listings.  These past photos help us see if any renovations and or upgrades have been done since the last sale of the property.

Please advise.


I know that when CARETS had shut down in April, we had to switch our photo source to CRMLS.  In testing the CRMLS data, we identified listings where CRMLS was still trying to access the CARETS copy of a photo.  Those photos no longer exist so the old CARETS links fail.

CRMLS has been aware of this since they left CARETS in September 2014 but they haven’t assigned the resources necessary to update all the photo URLs.  Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of CRMLS’s resource scheduling to get updated and correct photo links.

We also found situations in the CRMLS data where the photo count in the listing didn’t match the number of photos for that listing in their data set.  We referred this information to CRMLS’s technical staff for review.  I believe they have corrected some of the errors but others remain.

For the listings you noted below, there is a conflict in the CRMLS data.  In the listing record from CRMLS there is a field named Photo Count.  This is supposed to represent the number of photos associated with the listing. 

When we transfer the listing into i-Tech, we take the Photo Count value and attempt to access that number of photos for the listing in CRMLS’s photo database.  If the number of photos in the media database is different from the Photo Count value, it creates an error condition.  Since we don’t know whether the Photo Count value is correct and the photo database is corrupted or if the Photo Count is incorrect, we don’t process the photos.

For the listings shown in your list below, it appears that the bulk of the photos have been removed from the listings.  For example, the first listing has a Photo Count of 15 in the listing but there is only 1 photo in CRMLS’s photo database.  This mismatch creates a problem for us. 

As I mentioned, this situation was reported to CRMLS when we were testing the data to convert from CARETS on 4/1.  There are a significant number of listings with this condition but we don’t have an estimated time from CRMLS to get this fixed throughout their system.

Let me know if you have additional questions about this.

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