I initially listed a listing in CLAW, and iTech is unable to pull my company name


I am a co-listing agent on this listing, my company name is not showing in iTech, I called on Friday to Itech, they are still working on it without any result.

My listing was initially listed in CLAW and iTech is unable to pull my company name. In CLAW, it shows my name, info, and my company name,  but iTech shows my name under the listing brokerage name.


The issue you are experiencing is something we have seen previously with CRMLS’s data content. We obtain CLAW listings from CRMLS as a replacement for CARETS when they shut down in April, 2020.

The issue is a technical one that can seem confusing but is fairly straightforward. When a CLAW agent creates a listing with a Co-Listing Agent/Office from a MLS other than CLAW, the CLAW system has to identify that agent’s home MLS. This is done by prefixing the Co-Listing Agent’s and Office’s MLS ID with a code that identifies the MLS.

In CLAW, your MLS ID is [“ITC-xxxxxx”].  Your office MLS ID in CLAW is “ITC-yyyyy”. The “ITC” identifies your office and you as i-Tech members. This allows other MLSs to correctly attach your agent/office record to the CLAW listing.

The issue is within CRMLS’s processing. They have a bug in their system where they add a second prefix to your Office MLS ID. What we receive is an Office MLS ID of “CLW-ITC-yyyyyyy”. This is an invalid identifier for an office. Here is the data directly from CRMLS’s server:

Because the CoListOfficeMLSID is not valid, CRMLS can’t link to their version of our i-Tech office record so they can’t provide a CoListOfficeKeyNumeric which is what we use to access the specific office record in i-Tech.

I’ve have submitted an urgent support request to CRMLS to have them correct the CoListOfficeMLSID field which should allow them to include the CoListOfficeKeyNumberic value.

One question that is usually asked is can we change our copy of the CLAW listing in i-Tech. We can do so but there is a significant issue with doing so. As soon as the CLAW version of the listing is modified for any reason or in any manner, we will retrieve a new copy of the listing from CRMLS and it will revert back to the current state with the missing CoListingOffice.

One suggestion is to add a comment in the Agent Only Remarks that the listing is Co-Listed with [Primary Agent Name] from [Broker]. This will give you credit in the listing until we can get CRMLS to fix this.  

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