Why am I seeing my lease on i-Tech only and not on other MLS Systems?


Recently, I had a listing in Pasadena:  This listing was only visible on i-Tech and not on other MLS systems.  (CRMLS is one in particular that we checked).  I also noticed very little activity on the MLS.  Not too happy about this as I thought once I place it on i-Tech, it goes on all the systems.  I have another home to list for lease in Valencia, but apprehensive doing so since i-Tech is not forwarding listings to other systems.


On your lease listing, I see it in CRMLS and their History indicates they received it on 7/13.  This listing was entered on 6/26 so it seems CRMLS missed your listing.  All i-Tech can do is expose the listing for transfer.  It is up to CRMLS, CLAW, Zillow, REALTOR.com, and all our IDX vendors and sites to “pull” the listing copy from our system.

CRMLS missing listings is not uncommon.  I identified two listings on Friday that they missed.  I asked them to pull the listings before the end of business on Friday.  It didn’t happen but they finally transferred the two listings into their system this morning.

We have no way to determine whether any of the users have pulled a given i-Tech listing into their system other than when an agent contacts us with a question on why a listing isn’t appearing in CRMLS, PFAR, or Redfin.  If you would have sent a request right after you entered your lease listing on the 26th or 27th, I would have verified that CRMLS missed it and sent them a request to pull the listing from i-Tech.

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