Directional and Open House Signs in The City of Glendale

See below the regulations for placing open house directional signs in the City of Glendale. Please adhere to these rules closely and remind other agents as well so that we can continue to responsibly place open house signs and draw traffic into our listings. The exact code reference is Glendale Municipal Code Sec 30.33.110.


Open House directional signs shall be limited to one sign per Open House per intersection, no center median locations and limited to 6 total signs per open house.

  • A. Open House directional signs shall only be posted on the day of the Open House!

Display hours shall be limited to:

Saturdays and Sundays:  Permitted from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Wednesday: Permitted from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Open House signs shall contain the following information:

    1. Directional arrow(s) to, or address of, the subject property.
    2. The Name of the real estate professional’s company.
    3. The real estate professional name and phone number (for identification purposes only, business card taped to the sign is acceptable).
  • B. The message content on the sign shall only relate to the activity in progress during the allowable display period.
  • C. No sign shall obstruct the safe and convenient use by the public of adjoining sidewalk, curbside parkway, or roadway area.
  • D. All signage must be free standing on stakes in the ground or stand on their own base. Signs may not be placed on utility poles, stop signs, parkway fixtures, fences, walls, trees or other landscaping.
  • E. No sign shall exceed 3 feet in height as measured from the ground to the top of the sign. Actual sign no greater than 18”x24”.
  • F. No other advertising, ie, Flag, pennant, streamer, banner balloon, shall be displayed or attached.
  • G. Each sign as permitted in this section shall be in a neat, clean, and safe condition.

**Balloons can only be attached to the front lawn sign on the property**

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