Can You Waive My Late Fees?


Can My Quarterly MLS Due Late Fee Be Waived?


Unfortunately, the GAOR staff cannot waive the late fee.  It also would not be fair to everyone who paid on time and those who paid late fees the day after.

We do make every effort to reach out to our agents and here is a list of communication channels that I hope clarify where to look for our notices:

  1. Email:  THREE invoice notices get sent.*
    1. 30-Day Notice
    2. 10-Day Notice
    3. 4-Day Notice
  2. Web Site:  article posting
  3. iTech:  MLS Banner Warning
  4. iTech:  Mandatory Broadcast Notice acknowledgment

That said, for extenuating circumstances, you can always petition your case to the Board of Directors.  Because the board only meets monthly, we encourage you to pay the quarterly fee to get your MLS account activated, then pursue the process of getting a refund.

If you are not getting email notices, please ensure that you ‘white-list’  Learn how here.  

I understand and I am ready to pay my association fees!

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