Advertising with GAOR

GAOR offers a number of opportunities for advertising on our website and Association premises. If you are interested in buying ad space on this site, check out the advertising schedule or contact GAOR directly for more information.

Advertising is generally reserved for Affiliates and others who offer services to REALTORS®. Except for rare circumstances as approved by our Board of Directors, we do not accept ads for brokerages or individual REALTORS® as real estate salespersons. GAOR accepts political ads from REALTOR® members who are running for office, subject to strict conditions and applicable election laws.

When you buy an ad, you will complete a contractual agreement and, once all fees are paid, your ad will be posted.

This website or other Association advertising space may change from time to time, and these changes may impact the way your ad looks, how it is displayed, and who sees it. GAOR will make every effort to notify you as soon as reasonably possible if the visibility of your ad is affected.

GAOR also offers opportunities for sponsorships of events and other activities throughout the year. This is not the same as advertising, and more information on sponsorships can be found here.

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