MLS Coverage Area Page

MLS Coverage Areas

The following is a process to decipher if your city of interest is included in CRMLS’s coverage area.

We also have the CLAW directory when searching that MLS as a guest user.

Do you know the city in which you want to search for properties? Follow these two simple steps.

  1. Look up the city in C.A.R.’s Association Directory. Make note of the Association Name!
  2. Look up the association in CRMLS’s Association Directory.

1. Look Up City: C.A.R.’s Associations by City

Curious to know ALL the cities that belong to a given association?

  • SEARCH the page for an Association Name found in step one, you will see a total count. (CTL F)
  • Click your ENTER key and your cursor will go to the next found city.

2. Look Up Association: CRML’s Coverage Area

If the AOR is listed in the MLS Directory, then the city is included in the MLS search results.

Following are a couple of other ways to see CRMLS coverage areas.

  CRMLS List/Map (By Area)


Do you have more specific questions about an area, take a look at this C.A.R. Directory of Associations and reach out to any California REALTOR® Association.

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