GAOR Online Ballot Box

Ballot for the 2022 GAOR Officers and Directors


Welcome To Our Online Ballot Box

To all voters, thank you for supporting your Association by voting in GAOR’s 2022 Officer and Board election!

To all candidates, thank you for your interest in joining GAOR’s leadership team.

The four Director positions are for two-year terms, while the Officer positions of President-Elect, Vice President, and Treasurer are for one year each.

For detailed information on the roles and eligibility requirements of each position, download the document “Duties and Responsibilities of Elected Officers and Directors”  For a timeline of the calendar of events related to the election process, please see this recent post of candidate announcements.  

All GAOR members in good standing may vote once. If you vote more than once then your votes will be discarded. You must fill in the required fields for member number/NRDS, phone number, and zip code. GAOR staff will use this to validate your vote. If staff cannot validate your vote based on this information then your vote may not be counted. At no time will GAOR disclose your personal information or vote to any other party.
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